Driven By Imperfections Beautiful Flaws and All Book

Driven By Imperfections Beautiful Flaws and All Book

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In a society filled with unrealistic body images and a world where critics break down every flaw possible known on a woman, Fashion Designer Micheale Eccleston puts her story in the hearts of every woman who has ever felt not good enough, pretty enough, not worthy, and has never demanded the type of respect they deserve.

Micheale Eccleston who has been in the Fashion industry for more than a decade knows all about being Beautiful and looking Flawless because that is the industry she grew up in until she became a mom of 2, got stretch marks and realized that you can still love who you are and be Beautiful Flaws and All.

Micheale is changing the lives of every woman she meets or reads her story to help women realize that they need to “Own Their Beautiful” and realize their real worth despite what men in their past or what perfect picture society has tried to brainwash them with.


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Amazing how we go through life afraid of embracing our flaws. Micheale opened our eyes to enlighten us that we should learn to always love ourselves. Great read.

Los Angeles, CA

The Testimonial Journal is a great little keepsake. It's filled with sweet tokens of Bible verses with enough space for you to pen your journey with God & the many battles you've overcome through faith.  With each experience I feel like I'm writing a love letter to God. It's a gem! Everyone should get one.

Atlanta, GA

I found myself reading this book & didn't want to put it down. The way in which the writer expresses her inner feelings & emotions, was as if she was seeing through an hourglass of my own emotions & experience.

Lanham, MD

This book spoke to me on so many levels.This book was a reminder to get back to me and not be define by my past traumas and current struggles. You can feel the author’s authentic spirit in every page. Not only was it inspiring, it was a quick read suitable for women of busy lives. I highly recommend this book for anyone ready to use their past as a catalyst for their endeavors!

Stone Mountain, GA

I love that the author was very expressive and honest of how she admired her mom growing up with her imperfections of self esteem that most women struggles with. She was able to see the better change of confidence in her mom and even in herself.

I encourage everyone to read this book. You’ll see it does something to uplift you.

Brooklyn, NY

I had the honor of meeting the author. This woman is strong, and beautiful who overcame adversity, but is now sharing her story with compassion and love for others.

South Carolina

We all have perfect imperfection however we are all beautiful and perfect in the sight of God. We grow through our experiences, we heal with Gods love and perpetual mercy.

Great story!

Lithonia, GA

I was able to relate to some of her childhood recollection. Thanks for the encouragements throughout the book. Patiently waiting for the next book.

Lanham, MD

I just want to say how much of a blessing this Testimony Journal is! Pls make me a BIGGER one with plenty of pages. I use mine as a journal/bible study/testimonials.

That journal was exactly what I needed!

Stonecrest, GA