• Living MY Life Unapologetically!

Living MY Life Unapologetically!

Driven By Imperfections Flaws and All!

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How do I know this book or documentary will help me?

This book and documentary is all about Women Empowerment, Generational Curses being BROKEN, Motivation, being Unconventional, and so much more!!! So if you or someone you know would benefit from hearing this story, book Micheale Eccleston to speak at your next event by emailing us at


A Beautiful and Raw Story of Women's Lives

I had the honor of meeting both the author and her mother at an event recently. Both of these women are strong, beautiful women who not only overcame adversity, but are now sharing their story with compassion and love for others. Life does not always go according to plan. Micheale tells a story of vulnerability and triumph. She shows how we all can not only survive when life throws us a curve ball, but we can thrive! If you are looking for some inspiration for how to thrive when your life is not going according to plan, Micheale will inspire and encourage you!


Invested, Determined and Completed

I have not even gotten to the middle of the book and it already has me really invested and determined to finish ready it. I can relate to alot of what the author talks about. I will surely be back to give another review when I'm finish reading it.

I decided not to remove my earlier comment above cause I want to remember how I felt at the beginning. Now that I have finished the book, I must say that I am very glad I got through ready it. It felt as though the author was comfortable telling her story and I was just as comfortable ready it. I was able to relate to some of her childhood recollection. Thanks for the encouragements throughout the book. Patiently waiting for the next book.


Flawed but Beautiful

Amazing how we go through life afraid of embracing our flaws. Micheale opened our eyes to enlighten us that we should learn to always love ourselves. Great read.

Yvette Phillips

A Story of Healing

We all have perfect imperfection however we are all beautiful and perfect in the sight of God. We grow through our experiences we heal with Gods love and perpetual mercy.

Great story!

God bless you.

Odette Eccleston

This Book Spoke to ME!

This book spoke to me on so many levels. As a wife and a mother I find myself constantly caught in the hustle and bustle of life. This book was a reminder to get back to me and not be define by my past traumas and current struggles. You can feel the author’s authentic spirit in every page. Not only was it inspiring, it was a quick read suitable for women of busy lives. I highly recommend this book for anyone ready to use their past as a catalyst for their endeavors!

Tiffani Crutchfield

Micheale Eccleston

Micheale Eccleston is a Fashion Designer, Speaker, Fashion Editor, Author, Wife, and Mother of two, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Micheale's passion for fashion turned into her purpose by not only helping women feel good on the outside, but also empowering women to "Own Their Beautiful Flaws and All Unapologetically" from within. Micheale has been in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry for more than a decade, and has launched two different fashion brands. "Driven By Imperfections," is more than a book. It is now an empire that offers lounge wear positive affirmation items for everyday women who want to be stylish on a budget, and she has just recently launched her Exclusive Designer Brand called "ME The Brand" that caters to her high end clientele. Micheale's purpose is bigger than just Fashion! "How you dress affects the way you feel" and she wants to help, encourage, empower, and mentor women to "Be Their Own Kind of Beautiful" embracing their flaws and all while looking fabulous. With this passion being so close to her heart, Micheale is impacting the lives of women all over the world through Motivational Speaking, her book, documentary, lounge wear, and everyday interactions! Micheale truly wants to help women with their confidence by sharing her story, and providing step by step tools so that women will learn how to love their "Own Brand of Uniqueness."

You can always get in touch with Micheale and her team at contact@me-thebrand.com

Is this Documentary for ME?

"If you or someone you know has ever been in a relationship where you allowed a man to dictate your worth or mistreated you by seeking attention elsewhere"...this book is for you. "If you are a mother or a woman who has ever suffered with body shaming or never thought you looked beautiful when you looked at yourself naked flaws and all in the mirror," then this book is for you! "If you have come to the realization that you only have one life to live and you are ready to take action by putting yourself together because Style has no Size and confidence shines from within," then this book is for.

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