Driven By Imperfections Beautiful Flaws and All Book

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In a society filled with unrealistic body images and a world where critics break down every flaw possible known on a woman, Fashion Designer Micheale Eccleston puts her story in the hearts of every woman who has ever felt not good enough, pretty enough, not worthy, and has never demanded the type of respect they deserve.

Micheale Eccleston who has been in the Fashion industry for more than a decade knows all about being Beautiful and looking Flawless because that is the industry she grew up in until she became a mom of 2, got stretch marks and realized that you can still love who you are and be Beautiful Flaws and All.

Micheale is changing the lives of every woman she meets or reads her story to help women realize that they need to “Own Their Beautiful” and realize their real worth despite what men in their past or what perfect picture society has tried to brainwash them with.